Stories from 2015

Washington - Bills

December 16, 2015:

Renewable Energy Tax Credits Receive a Multiyear Extension in a Congressional Omnibus Bill.

Congressional leadership reached an agreement to support an omnibus spending and tax bill that reflects a global agreement among the leaders to continue to support clean energy development. Read more here ...


December 3, 2015:

EBD begins new studies into innovative, low-head hydropower solutions

As part of its unique and innovative technology solutions for renewable energy, EBD is proposing an innovative solution to very low head hydroelectric power for the 2016 Small Business Innovation Research Grant through the U.S. Department of Energy.

This new technology optimizes the conversion of hydroelectric energy in a unique turbine that is sizeable to a multitude of locations, but can be installed in new or existing locations with minimal infrastructure. The reduced costs and increased power output provide promising results for the hydropower industry.

Update: EBD has received very positive feedback for this technology. Included with the comments was the following: " could have significant impact on the market."