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Who We Are

Earth By Design is a Renewable Energy Corporation specializing in the development, planning, building, and operations of clean energy projects that are environmentally friendly, sustain new jobs, and help promote the health of America's economy. We focus primarily on projects that have to do with hydropower, biomass, anaerobic digestion, solar, wind, biogas and hybrid energy solutions. Earth By Design also works with and develops new technologies to help advance the status of the renewable energy industry.

A Specialized and Skilled Team

"It takes a skilled group of individuals with the expertise and knowledge to manage the challenging and sometimes daunting task of developing clean energy solutions."

With our highly skilled team of experts, we focus on developing small to large size clean energy projects that can be in production more quickly. We also partner with large, international associates, including engineers, developers, contractors, equipment manufacturers and others to develop larger projects and provide additional insight and support. We are a listed consultation group for the Energy Trust of Oregon.

Valuable Partnerships

Part of the value that EBD brings to the development, ownership, and operations of clean energy projects is our strong, ethical, working relationships with project stakeholders. An open line of communications helps in expediting the development of clean energy projects.

Company Success

EBD has been the recipient of one of the largest and first in-canal hydro grants for the Advanced Hydropower Development Grant through the Department of Energy. In addition, EBD has received grant support for anaerobic digestion through the Wyoming Conservation Innovation Grant; $7.2 million in loan guarantees for hydropower development through the USDA Guaranteed Loan Program; and was selected for one of the largest Business Energy Tax Credit programs through the Oregon Department of Energy. EBD has also been selected as a recipient for funding through the Energy Trust of Oregon. Our successes have come with a lot of hard work and due diligence. Outside of our own company, EBD has supported the development of the run-of-river testing facility addition to the O.H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory for Oregon State University. Earth By Design has been a leading contender for the Wave Energy Prize and Small Business Innovation Research grant and is a member of the N.W. Renewable Energy Coalition.



Our Philosophy.