Whether you're just getting into Renewable Energy, you're ready to move forward, you're trying to upgrade an existing facility, you want to partner with a successful developer, or you just need a partner who will help bring a greater level of success to your project, Earth By Design provides a wide variety of solutions.

EBD is a company engaged in the development of green-energy projects to promote an environmentally friendly, clean and stable solution for our future.

Locating and Prospecting Sites and Environmental and Engineering Analysis

Locating and Prospecting Sites and Environmental and Engineering Analysis Through EBD's strategic partnerships and alliances, we bring a wide variety of services and highly skilled staff with years of experience in the energy industry together. EBD can provide site investigations, identifications, and quick, turn-around analysis of potential sites, identifying the important, strategic key elements needed to move forward. Our environmental team is highly experienced in the renewable energy sector and can identify any potential obstacles and offer solutions to streamline the process. Timing is crucial for independent power producers and EBD's management team will help keep tasks on goal and on budget.

Engineering evaluations and analysis are another crucial part of EBD's successful approach to clean energy development. Through multi-phase planning and development, our engineering partners, in electrical, mechanical, and civil work will ensure optimized efficiency in planning, find opportunities to reduce out-of-pocket expenses (if available), and offer solutions to improve or enhance the generation capacity of an existing or new facility.

We utilize a diverse scheme of clean energy project development strategies. Whether it's developing our own projects or working as an asset to assist in the development or upgrade of your project, EBD can provide a unique, customized approach to meet your needs. EBD has consulted on and assisted with the development of grid-independent data centers and installations; net-metered installations for agricultural producers and municipalities; all the way to large-scale, commercial applications.

Feasibility Analysis, Interconnection Studies, Project Financing, and Incentives

Feasibility Analysis, Interconnection Studies, Project Financing, and Incentives Once a site is selected, the next step in planning and development moves to feasibility. EBD has conducted more than 25 feasibility studies in hydropower, wind, solar energy, biogas, anaerobic digestion, communications, and environmental conservation. Our team has provided consultation on countless projects that identified cost savings opportunities and site viability through innovative technology solutions even when others could not. Our conservative, comprehensive, and exhaustive approach to feasibility reviews is designed to provide you with the most accurate information available. From site studies to historical data research and a thorough engineering reivew with preliminary design suggestions will pave the path forward for any new, or existing facility.

Interconnection and project financing are two of the most challenging and potentially overwhelming aspects for independent power producers, municipalities, and others. EBD and its partners are familiar with these challenges and bring a new element of success to the table that's otherwise impossible for some. Our existing relationships and familiarity with the clean energy development process sets EBD apart from its competitors. While some companies offer specialized services with a limited range, whether it's on our own projects, or on yours, EBD can push through the interconnection challenges and assist with the necessary documentation to support project financing and identification of incentives.

Licensing and Permitting, Equipment Procurement, and Construction

Licensing and Permitting, Equipment Procurement, and Construction The next step in project development is the most important, and most rewarding: building the project. EBD's team of experts and partners are familiar with the licensing and permitting requirements nation-wide. We have existing relationships with many stakeholders, offering invaluable insight to help expedite the process when possible and ensure things are done right - the first time! EBD's legal team provides expert solutions for the renewable energy industry that will help to avoid unforeseen pitfalls.

Once you're ready to build, our mechanical and electrical engineering includes sizing and identifying the necessary equipment for a turnkey product. Our group understands all of the aspects needed for a facility to be fully operational and leaves no stone unturned! Identification and sizing of equipment also includes identification of manufacturers, vendors, and subcontractors with the right skill and background necessary to get the job done right.

During construction, EBD offers quality control planning and oversight, safety and security oversight, project management, media and graphics, compliance with local, State and Federal laws to keep the project moving along seamlessly. Our experience with unforeseen issues has provided us with a unique perspective into the clean energy industry that very few others have. This additional level of expertise provides rapid mitigation strategies and solutions you won't find anywhere else.

Operations and Maintenance and Regulatory / Stakeholder Reporting

Operations and Maintenance and Regulatory / Stakeholder Reporting Once a new facility is constructed or an existing facility upgraded, the next step is to start producing power. With our experienced crew, we can provide operators, technicians, engineers, and other experts to keep your project running smoothly. Our commissioning team will provide any project with reports and analysis that support warranty documents, performance requirements, and can be quantified against preliminary planning to help understand the future of the project.

Planning the way forward, EBD also understands that a simple mistake in reporting requirements can result in often times, heavy fines. EBD's project management team utilizes a key-point, goal oriented approach to operations that ensures projects operate at their maximum potential without interruption.


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