Earth By Design has consulted on and developed dozens of projects from small to large scale facilities, helping to build a more stable, renewable energy infrastructure for our future
45 Mile Project In the Spring of 2015, Earth By Design successfully commissioned the 45 Mile Hydroelectric Project in Central Oregon. The project is a 2.999 MW, Run-Of-Canal hydropower facility constructed along the North Unit Main Canal. EBD performed the feasibility, due diligence, permitting, building, and licensing for this project. The success of the 45 Mile Project highlights EBD's efficiency and ability to build new, renewable energy projects in a climate littered with obstacles ranging from environmental mitigation to complex, unforeseen issues. Read More ...
Wyoming Conservation Innovation Project In 2013, EBD completed a highly successful, proprietary anaerobic digestion technology study with the Wyoming Conservation innovation Grant, demonstrating the socioeconomic and envioronmental benefits of anaerobic digestion for farm mortalities and bio-waste. Read More ...
Wind turbines During 2013, EBD consulted on and performed feasibility studies of more than four potential small to medium sized wind farms. EBD provided economic, sustainability, environmental, and engineering services for these projects, including support for identifying and securing incentive opportunities.

Other Projects Currently Under Development :

  • Large-Scale Solar Power Farm
  • 2.75 MW Small Hydroeletric Facility
  • Planning and Development of 3, mini hydroelectric projects (under 500 kW)
  • Two small wind farms, one for distribution to the grid, and the other is an on-farm facility to help offset costs of operations
  • A small to medium sized Biogas Facility
  • Large-scale Pump storage facility