Technology Innovation Solutions

Earth By Design is a technology innovation solutions provider with proven expertise in developing state-of-the-art technologies. Key members of EBD's team have specialized engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, and design experience and knowledge that allows the company to excel in clean energy. EBD provides innovative solutions to cost reducing technologies while constantly improving on the efficiency, optimization, and power capabilities from various resources. We specialize in custom applications for unique or existing locations to develop technology that has a small footprint with a huge, positive impact!

EBD is always interested in opportunties for partners interested in supporting the marketing and production of these technologies. If you're an interested partner, contact us today. EBD has developed, and is currently working on:

Innovative transportation energy production for mass-transit systems: America's transportation infrastructure is a huge potential for untapped resources. Thousands of miles of mass transit systems stretch across the country with travelers filling up the roads every, single day. EBD seeks to convert this untapped potential into a huge potential for power production.

Unique, low-head to medium-sized head hydroelectric turbine innovations: EBD's unique solution to hydro turbines could forever change the face of hydropower. With an innovative, new design, constructed for heads under 10 feet all the way up to 100, the JGTurbine is an innovative solution with a small footprint and a huge potential for energy.

Coastal Wave Energy Capture and Conversion System: The capture and use of tidal energy is still a challenge that has not yet been sufficiently met. Thinking outside the box, EBD and its engineers have devised a unique system for the conversion of wave energy using a system that matches mother nature.

Carbon Sequestration and Pollutant Dissipator: EBD cares about all aspects of the environment. The CSPD is an innovative solution for residential to high-rise commercial structures to both absorb carbon and scrub the air of pollutants. As an inexpensive solution to carbon sequestration, the CSPD will provide clean air at minimal to no costs while offering a professional, aesthetically pleasing solution.

Innovative Hydropower Facilitiy Design: EBD has developed a unique design for hydropower facilities that provides additional security, structural integrity, and ease of modular installation and removal, all at lower-than-industry standard costs. This innovation in hydropower powerhouse design can be incorporated into new facilities or existing facilities with minimal effort. The goal of this innovative design is to reduce the cost of hydropower development and thus, promoting and supporting new, clean energy development around the world.